Bill Nilsson 

Gunnar Johansson  

Sten Lundin 

Rolf Tibblin 

Torsten Hallman

Our Legends of Motocross – The Book that will take you for a Ride

The story of how one country came to dominate the early World Championships of Motocross.

The Men, The Bikes and The untold Stories.



Motocross from the mid-50s to end of 60s was without doubt the Golden era of our motorcycle history. Success due to many coinciding factors that mostly are unknown. From a few dedicated petrol-heads exploring the scrapyards and remains of a bankrupt motorcycle industry evolves a stream of World Champions who became the Invincibles.

What makes this story remarkable is that they all raced on Swedish bikes. If you take into account that Sweden at this time had no producer of 4-stroke motorcycles at all, the achievements become truly impressive.

And at the Hub of it all, Nils Hedlund. A man who was the wizard with the magic wand turning the 4-stroke engine into the unbeatable engine that powered them all to victory

The Book will tell you the rest. 640 pages of motocross poetry, be our Guest!





This book is the result of one man and his lifelong devotion to Motocross. The writer and storyteller, Bo Ingvar Svensson, has remained a dedicated Motocross fan since his very early years. He had the fortune to grow up in the Scania region , the most southern part of Sweden, which was full of motor racing activities and circuits. And one of the most prestigious of them all, The Saxtorp Motocross Track within cycling reach.

Being of a multi-talented nature, on top of it also energetic and persistent, this devotion has resulted in a vast collection of stories, photos and above all, long lasting personal friendships with all of the Champions.

This book is based on direct contributions from Bill Nilsson, Gunnar Johansson, Rolf Tibblin, Sten Lundin and Torsten Hallman. Material collected by Bo Ingvar over decades of interviews and many personal meetings.

The motto for this project has been an all-out effort to produce a historical masterpiece. Giving you the untold stories, the never seen photos and above all, a book honouring the Legends and their incredible efforts.

Do you have any questions or are interested in the book you can contact us here.

English version not available for the time being. Publishing date not set.

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